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My Time in Buenos Aires...

For the entirety of this blog, I will be sharing my experiences as an international student who is studying abroad for the very first time. My travels have brought me to the wonderful city of Buenos Aires for 28 days. With such a short amount of time in this vivacious city, I will be trying to do and see as much as possible and will be sharing my experiences with all of you. I hope you enjoy!!!


Academics in Buenos Aires

I will be taking one spanish class as a part of an intensive language course during my time in Buenos Aires. I am enrolled in an intermediate spanish course at the University of Belgrano and will accumulate over 100 hours of Spanish learning. 

My Mission while in BsAs

While I am here in Buenos Aires I want to have some of the most unforgettable and influential experiences that I have yet to gain. As a Creative Writing major, I wish to produce some form of creative work inspired by the things that I saw, tasted, heard, felt, and experienced in Buenos Aires. This creative work may be a collection of poetry, a screenplay, a short story, or possibly a combination of different forms of creative writing. I will not be sure of what I will produce until after my time in Buenos Aires is complete. This uncertainty of what exactly I will write leaves me a bit anxious, but this excited anxiety is always good to have prior to writing. I know that whatever work comes from my time in Buenos Aires will be great and true to the experience that I had. 

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